Sun Control Solutions - SCOTCHTINT Tints

Glass walls and windows enhances a building’s appearance, and it allows us to have a nice view of the outdoors. However, glass also allows the Sun’s harmful Heat and UV Rays to enter our houses and buildings. Our Commercial Window Tints are used in many business establishments all over the Philippines.

Keep the Sun’s Heat and UV Rays from getting in – without sacrificing the view! That is how SCOTCHTINT Sun Control Window Tint works!

is the worldwide leader in Window Tint technology. In fact, was issued the first-ever patent on Sun Control Window Tint in 1966 – that’s more than 50 years of Window Tint technology working for you!

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Prestige Window Tints

The PRESTIGE PR Window Tint Series is the best Window Tint in the market today. It is the result of decades of advances in Window Tint Technology.

Ceramic Window Tints

The CERAMIC CM Series Window Tints are premium non-metallized Tints that use advanced ceramic nanotechnology.

Night Vision Window Tints

NIGHT VISION NV Series Window Tints enable you to enjoy great views from your windows, even at night! These are “dual-reflective” Tints -- more reflective outside and less reflective inside (no more nighttime “mirror-like” effect).

Color Stable Window Tints

COLOR STABLE CS Window Tints are not dyed – instead, they have non-metallic microscopic nano-carbon particles dispersed throughout the Tint which gives it unrivalled performance and color stability.